Bank & Hospital

As an important station, financial institutions like banks and health institutions like hospital usually pay more attention to the reliability of standby power supply. For financial institutions, a few minutes of blackout could result in an important transaction having to be terminated. The economic loss caused by this is not budget, which will have a great impact on enterprises. For hospital,  a few minutes of blackout could cause an terrible disaster for a persons’ life.

MAMO POWER provides comprehensive solution for prime/standby electric power generation from 10-3000kva on bank&hospital facility. Usually use standby power source when main power shut down. MAMO POWER diesel generator set is designed to work indoor/outdoor environment condition, and will be met the requirement of bank&hospital noise, safety, static electricity and electromagnetic interference standard.

High quality generator sets with auto control function, can be paralleled to reach desire power output. ATS equipment on every gen-set ensures immediate switch and start generator set when city power shut down. With auto remote control function, gen-set real time operation parameters and state will be monitored, and intelligent controller will give immediate alarm to monitor equipment when faulty occurred.

Mamo will carry out regular generator set maintenance for customers, and use the control system developed by Mamo technology to remote real-time monitor operation situation. Effectively and timely inform customers whether the generator set is running normally and whether maintenance is needed.

Safety, reliability and stability are the biggest highlights of Mamo Power generator set. Because of this, Mamo Power has become a reliable partner for power solution.