MAMO POWER Diesel Generator Sets for OIL & GAS FIELD

The working condition and environmental requirements of oil and gas extraction sites are very high, which requires a strong and reliable power supply of power electric generator sets for equipment and heavy processes.
Generator sets are essential for power station facilities and the power required for production and operation, as well as the provision of backup power in case of power supply interruption, thus avoiding significant financial losses.
MAMO POWER adopts the diesel generator designed for harsh environment to face the working environment which needs to consider the temperature, humidity, altitude and other conditions.
Mamo POWER can help you identify the most suitable generator set for you and work with you to build a customized power solution for your oil and gas installation, which should be robust, reliable and operate at the best operating cost.

MAMO POWER generators are designed for harshest weather condition, while maintain highly efficient and reliable to work 24/7 at site. MAMO POWER gen-sets are capable to operate continuously for 7000 hours per year.