Weichai Deutz & Baudouin Series Marine Generator (38-688kVA)

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Weichai Power Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 by the main sponsor, Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. and qualified domestic and foreign investors. It is the combustion engine company listed in Hong Kong stock market, as well as the company returning to China mainland stock market. In 2020, Weichai’s sale revenue reaches 197.49 billion RMB, and the net income attributable to parent reaches 9.21 billion RMB.

Become a world leading and sustainably developing multinational group of intelligent industrial equipment with its own core technologies, with vehicle and machinery as the leading business, and with powertrain as the core business.


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(KW) (KVA) (KW) (KVA)
TWP42M 30 38 33 42 WP4CD44E120 IMO II O O
TWP55M 40 50 44 55 WP4CD66E200 IMO II O O
TWP69M 50 63 55 69 WP4CD66E200 IMO II O O
TWP88M 64 80 70.4 88 WP4CD100E200 IMO II O O
TWP103M 75 94 82.5 103 WP4CD100E200 IMO II O O
TWP124M 90 113 99 124 WP6CD132E200 IMO II O O
TWP138M 100 125 110 138 WP6CD132E200 IMO II O O
TWP165M 120 150 132 165 WP6CD152E200 IMO II O O
TWP206M 150 188 165 206 WP10CD200E200 IMO II O O
TWP250M 180 225 198 248 WP10CE238E200 IMO II O O
TWP275M 200 250 220 275 WP10CD264E200 IMO II O O
TWP344M 250 313 275 344 WP12CD317E200 IMO II O O
TWP413M 300 375 330 413 WP13CD385E200 IMO II O O
TBDA481M 350 438 385 481 6M33CD447E200 IMO II O O
TBDA550M 400 500 440 550 6M33CD484E200 IMO II O O
TBDA619M 450 563 495 619 6M33CD550E200 IMO II O O
TBDA688M 500 625 550 688 12M33CD748E200 IMO II O O

1.The Company owns famous brands such as “Weichai Power Engine”, “Fast Gear”, “Hande Axle”, “Shacman Heavy Truck”, and “Linder Hydraulics”.

2.Its brands, such as “Weichai Power engine”, “Fast Gear”, “Hande Axle” and “Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck” are playing a leading and dominant role in the relevant domestic market, forming the concentration effect of brands.

3.Weichai pays high attention to science and technology innovation, it owns State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability, National Engineering Technology Research Center for Commercial Vehicle’s Powertrain, National Innovation Strategic Alliance for New Energy Power System Industry of Commercial Vehicles, National Professional Makers’ Space and other state-level R&D platforms.

4.Weichai has established a service network composed by more than 5,000 authorized maintenance service centers throughout China, and more than 500 overseas maintenance service centers. Weichai products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions.

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